Aarava ranks the F1 Games by Codemasters

Aarava goes where few dare, undertaking the massive task of comparing the range of Codemasters F1 games he has played since 2010, providing insight into the most popular racing sim on Steam, and well as very popular on other gaming platforms beyond PC, in terms of drivers.

A brief history of Codemasters and the F1 Game: Bernie Ecclestone and his cabal that ran F1 at the time, negotiated a deal for Codemasters to be publisher for the Formula 1 video game. Prior to that Sony had the rights and produced the likes of Formula 1 06 for PS2 and Formula 1 Championship Edition on the PlayStation 3.

The Codemasters series began with the F1 2009 release and for over a decade they have been churning out annual editions, each with an additional flavour with the culmination of the current edition F1 2020 which is used on a professional level for the F1 Esports championships.