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GT3 COMPARISON: McLaren GT3 in rF2 v ACC v AMS2

Testing the McLaren 720S GT3 across three excellent sims was a challenge, but the latest GT3 cars released by Automobilista 2 has triggered a storm of comparison videos and I needed to get in on the act to satisfy my own curiosity.

Here’s my take on AMS2 first offering, up against the stalwarts of GT3 sim racing namely Assetto Corsa Competizione and rFactor 2, titles that also have the 720S GT3 as vanilla content, while ACC and AMS2 have great renditions of licensed Kyalami (new layout) there is also an excellent version for rF2 by Global Endurance Modding which was used in this video.

In the end, it is a hard call to decide which is ‘The Best’ as all three sims have benchmark traits but the real ‘elephant in the room’ is the lack of online play; a vital segment of the sim racing world where iRacing sets the bar by a long margin.

As long as the multiplayer platforms, licensing and ecosystem does not compare to iRacing, no matter how good the physics, other sim titles will struggle. But they all have the foundations for a superb game.

Nevertheless, this video is about sampling these cars which I did as follows:
30 minutes practice, 10-minute qualifying and a ten-minute race against AI.
rF2 AI at 100% and 25% aggro, ACC AI at 92% and 60% aggro, AMS2 at 100% AI and 70% aggro. Enjoy.

Kyalami for rFactor 2 free on Steam here>>>

Paul Velasco

Paul Velasco

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