FindingSpeed: Can AI help me tame the Porsche Cup on iRacing?

Russell from Finding Speed asks the question: “Can I use AI to help me tame the biggest beast in iRacing, the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup? Only one way to find out!”

iRacing & Artificial Intelligence

For more than a decade on iRacing, you’ve been able to drive against the best sim racers in the world in our Official or Ranked racing, and some have risen to the top to race in our World Championship eSports.

You’ve also had the ability to run in open practices, run in special events with and without official teams, host races, or run in hundreds of leagues through our hosting and league racing service. In addition, you’ve been able to drive alone out on the track in testing, in Time Trials and in Time Attack.

Beginning with the introduction of iRacing AI, you can begin to race against computer-controlled, highly adjustable drivers in two ways – in single races or in championship seasons. Here’s more information on iRacing AI and how it works.

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