Aidan Millward: Could 2020 F1 Handle Laguna Seca?

Aidan Millward takes a modern Formula 1 car around Laguna Seca to see if a race there would even be possible.

He uses the 2020 RSS Formula Hybrid (aka F12020) with Haas livery at virtual Laguna Seca on Assetto Corsa – trying for a sub-one minute hot lap mark around the legendary track.

F1 through the corkscrew? Show us!

This is what he says in the intro: “Laguna Seca isn’t my favourite place to race in the world, but it’s epic for hotlapping. In the January of 2018 I lapped a Renault R25 here as part of community hotlap contest and was lapping in the one minute range. How would a modern car tackle this place?”

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