Davy Jones drives Isle Of Man with Group 5 BMW!

Davy Jones takes the awesome Group 5 Mod on the Isle Of Man Mountain Course all available free on rFactor 2 Steam workshop.

This is what Davy says in the intro: “This is something I’ve been trying to put together for a while and after multiple failed attempts, and even a video I uploaded and then deleted I decided to record some game play and then record some commentary separately.

“All the content featured in the video is free to download from the Steam Workshop for rFactor 2 and there’s links to all the content below so if you happen to own a copy of the game I recommend you check it out.”

Notes about the track:

Build History

This full length “37¾ Mile Isle Of Man Mountain Course” was built by Jim Pearson entirely from scratch over a period of 14 years from 2005. It is a totally different track to his much earlier “Abridged / Shortened” 20 km version.

It was released by him for the simulation Grand Prix Legends [ GPL ] in June 2019.

Jim’s original PDF Readme , release files and three release videos are located here;

The release thread for GPL is located here;

Note: This track replicates the actual roads existing before Windy Corner and Brandish were opened up with much bigger radii in 2006.

Conversion Credits

Converted to rF2 by S.Victor(Xiang) with assistance from Corti(Andres).

I approached Jim in February 2020 and agreed to the conditions set out in his track Readme PDF [ See above ] He then gave me written permission to convert his track to rF2.

Amongst these conditions were assurances that the permission being granted would be limited to rF2 in this case and that no income would be derived or sought for the conversion.

Jim monitored development of this conversion throughout, providing some useful assistance as required. He has asked me to include his assessment of my work as follows;

” When approached by Xiang earlier this year, I was encouraged to grant him permission to convert my 37¾ Mile Isle Of Man Mountain Course GPL track to rF2, as he appeared to me to have the right combination of skills, dedication, high standards and respect for the original work that I was looking for.

My faith in him has been richly rewarded, as he has persevered to overcome many of the real technical difficulties inherent in translating a very complex and lengthy GPL track into a quite different rF2 rendering and surface model.

He has surpassed my expectations and I believe the results display and drive as well in rF2 as they do in GPL, the sim it was originally tailored to. I hope you enjoy the fruits of our collective labours and show due appreciation of Xiang’s work on your behalf.

Credit is due!

Jim Pearson
October 2020.

Track Info

Length: 60.72 KM / 37.75 Miles
Two configurations:
– Mountain Course,
– Mountain Mist, [ Which is the same track, but has patches of Ground Fog and Mountain Mist replicating two options available in the GPL track. ]
Max vehicle: 48
Real road (0.9-1.0m density) & 2.7%(10cm) crossfall
Hundreds street lights
Out lap timing support

For important & detailed conversion notes, recommended settings, please visit: