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Dario Franchitti punts me, and others, then wrecks himself on iRacing

I returned to iRacing last week, this time, to document yet another ‘final’ three-month stab at the love-hate relationship I have with the service.

Starting from scratch I am doing low-split Skip Barber action.

On Wednesday (28 Oct) on the server up pops ‘Dario Franchitti’ of Indycar and Indy 500 legendary fame, with the number one blue Skippy and the famous helmet with the Scottish flag.

Race started, I was midpack and into that right turn (where shunts happen often) and got a tap from the back that sent me spinning and into the wall.

I repaired and rejoined, only later did I rewind and find that it was good old Dario who punted me. I then followed his race and did some video grabbing. The guy was like a bull in a china shop! I was not his only victim…

Check the video for a summary of what went down.

Paul Velasco

Paul Velasco

Founder and editor of Racing in the Blood and all that stuff followed F1 since 1973 like a religion with periods of occasionally losing my religion. But still hanging in there and spreading the word.View Author posts

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