SimRace604: Comparing the Best F1 Titles on PC

Mike from SimRacing604 compares the official F1 2020 game and the RSS Formula Hybrid 2020 mod for Assetto Corsa on PC.

He says in the pretext: “I’ve been asked many times whether Assetto Corsa can replace F1 2020. AC has been a staple of this channel for years, and I’ve done countless videos on the great Formula 1 experience.

“Choosing the best F1 gaming experience is hard, but when we do the comparison of F1 2020 vs Assetto Corsa one thing becomes clear: F1 2020 is the most complete modern Formula game, but Assetto Corsa gives you a lot more options for how you drive the cars.

“In this video I’m comparing what I feel are the two best racing titles for creating the modern Formula 1 experience at home across a variety of categories,” added Mike.