Dave Cam: We need to get rid of these guys on iRacing!

Dave Cameron produces another top video, this time showing a driver on iRacing getting road rage and stalking an opponent for the rest of the race highlighting an ugly side of multiplayer racing

It is a disgraceful display of bad sportsmanship and sheer stupidity and sheer which Dave tracks during a Mazda race, and rightfully calling for action from iRacing to get rid of the drivers of this type that form the toxic underbelly of only real professional simming platform. A ‘minority’ one hopes that need to pay the price for such shocking behaviour.

While such behaviour is prevalent in pick up races and open lobbies on all sim platforms but in the iRacing environment, with pro drivers and very serious amateurs making a profession of the game, this is akin to doing the same in real life, for which a perpetrator would be banned for life even by the limp-wristed FIA.

iRacing are obliged to make examples of such imbeciles with hefty life-time bans.

We back Dave’s call! Ban the idiot!