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MOD HUNTING: Super GT500 by Chivas raises bar for AC

After UNBOXING the Definitive Edition Super GT500 2013 Version 4 for Assetto Corsa which became available on 16 October as a free download on the Chivas website.

I had an AI race with new mod featuring the Honda HSV-010GT, the Lexus SC430 and the Nissan GT-R R35, with strength and aggression set at 100% on Watkins Glen (Short) by LilSki.

The Mod is the result of devoted labour of love by the Chivas team and it shows in the results. This is a plug-and-play mod with very good default setups to have you racing in no time. Superb skins and attention to detail stand out.

The Chivas team really hit a home run with a car that feels like rFactor 2 – in terms of physics, drivability, immersion and believability – and entertaining to drive without getting too involved with the setup etc.

Enough said. Check it out in the video.


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Paul Velasco

Paul Velasco

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