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rFactor 2 mods First drive Willow Springs free track 

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rFactor 2 mods with the first drive at willow springs and much more. Great content for rFactor 2 and the community to check out.

In rFactor 2 the North American tracks rock: Watkins, Mosport, Laguna, Road Atlanta, Mid-Ohio, Portland – short and sweet, lots of elevations, no chicanes, proper race tracks without the frills and the same applies to the virtual versions.

Rfactor 2 Virtual Willow Springs Raceway v0.96 (AC conversion) – Big Willow layout – was made available on rFactor 2’s Steam Workshop (FREE!) and is right up there with the great sim tracks mentioned above.

The track is not yet Version 1 but is nevertheless awesome to drive, probably best for GT3s and lower-powered cars, probably a blast in single-seaters up to F3.

Should be good with any good car to be fair and a good league track as there is room for error without walls etc to break the car.

Big thumbs up for Big Willow conversion.

Subscribe to it free on Steam here>>>

~IsR~Corti, who converted the track, says in the intro:

“First, many thanks to Tyrone for the permission to bring his AC version of Willow Springs to rFactor 2. A great challenge for me and part of the blame on S.Victor for encouraging me to do this conversion (the truth is that he helps me a lot). Enjoy!”


  • Original AC version by: Tyrone
  • RF2 conversion by: Corti & S.Victor
  • Additional borrowed assets from ISI/S397
  • All various logo assets belong to their respected owners


  • This track & conversion is made and available free for everyone, and should not be sold or charged for money.
  • For more info about the original AC version, please visit the release page:

Track Info:

  • One layout: Big Willow (2.500 Miles / 4.023 km)
  • 36 Garage Spots+ Grids
  • Pitlane holds max 18 cars and works perfectly for small online racing communities.
  • 60KPH pitlane speed limit

For this video driving the URD T5 Mod with DTM Skins from RaceDepartment


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