Mod Hunting: Free 2020 Formula 2 for rFactor 2

An early look at the 2020 Formula 2 by Csongor Ferenczi aka FCsongoR released free on rFactor 2 on 22 September followed by and update to V1.1 on 28 September which is well worth a Subscribe if the Steam Workshop.

All the drivers of the 2020 F2 season, apparently according to rank so the fast blokes are fast in the sim too. Very believable, tons of grip but tricky in the tight stuff.
AI are good, happy to race and attack in the rF2 style; not shy to block either. Very immersive.

Being a one-make series the mod will work well for leagues, while the offline action is pretty good. Keep aggression in low 20s and adjust the strength depending on the track – they tend to differ from mod to mod.

Thumbs up and big thanks for the much-appreciated work.

In terms of setup, the default was too edgy, so I softened it up to make it squat a little and lowered the rear ride height. Took off some front and rear wing, more at the back though. But that’s up to each driver.

The FFB was plug and play with cars riding the kerbs in a civil manner.

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