Video: Logitech G923 Review is it worth the money?

SimRacingSetups reviews the Logitech G923 recently released, but many do not see the difference to the tried and trusted G29.

He says in the intro: “I’ve been testing the Logitech G923 for a few weeks now, and feel I can now you bring you my review of this new wheel base.

“Here are my thoughts on every part of the new Logitech G923, from the pedals to the new TrueForce force feedback. Hopefully it’ll help you make a buying decision, and help you decide whether the new Logitech G923 is the right wheel for you.

“This wheel was sent to me by Logitech to review, but that does not influence any of my views, and all opinions in this video are mine. If you do choose to buy a Logitech G923, I’d really appreciate it if you used my affiliate link below, as it’ll help support this channel. 🙂

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