Video: Future Sim Racing Games 2020-2029

In this video, A Casual Sim Racer, Daniel goes over the future sim racing games that will be released later this year through til 2029. The only games included are those that either have contracts or games that the developers have expressly said are in development currently.

He adds in the video intro: “I’ve made this nice timeline in photoshop last week and in this video I am just going to explain a bit more about the sim racing games that are included on the 2020-2029 timeline. If you enjoy sim racing content like this, please subscribe to my channel as that helps me out a bunch and it will help make sure you don’t miss future videos.

“Let me explain the two types of lines you see on the chart before we get started. The red lines mean that the game development contract stipulates annual releases. While the yellow dashed line represents an uncertain release date for a single game.

“The games on the timeline are: Grant Turismo 7, Forza Motorsport 8, Dirt Rally 3.0, Motorsport Games’ Nascar game no longer Nascar heat), Codemaster’s F1 games, the WRC 10, WRC 11, the Codemasters WRC games, GTR 3, Motorsport Games’ BTCC game, and Motorsport Games’ Indy car game.”