ModHunters: Fonteny, the French Nordschliefe for free

Fonteny is one of modder Fat Alfie’s brilliant creations. Having searched for some French roads that can rival the Nordschliefe, this is what he came up with.

Chris Haye takes a look at the mod circuit which is truly a track with character. There is no experience that comes close to driving Fonteny. Yes, it’s similar to driving the Nordschliefe, but the emotions that come with it do not come close.

Alfie challenged himself to find some real worlds somewhere in the world that could emulate the famed German stretch of asphalt.

“Initially I had no plans to ever release it, thinking it would be just a private project for myself. I used it in AC for quite a few months just as a simple strip of tarmac with a grass verge either side. Knowing how much time and effort went into my Feldbergring (12km) and Deutschlandring (10km) tracks, I never really entertained the idea of fleshing out this seed of an idea into a fully formed 26km long project.

“After sending copies to a few friends, I was finally convinced that this track might actually be worth doing properly. I had been using it for about 18 months by this point, with around 20,000km of ‘testing’ under my belt. Deutschlandring was finished and released; I had no other excuses, so in May 2019 I started work on ‘phase 2’ of Fonteny and tried to turn this simple ribbon of tarmac and grass into a real, living environment.

“After 6 months of hard work, and after adding 100,000 trees, 1000 buildings, 200 vehicles, numerous types of grass, ferns, shrubs, bushes, flowers, people, horses and cows, it is finally complete – or, as complete as it is going to be.”

You can try out Fonteny for Assetto Corsa yourself for free – Just download the mod from Race Department here.