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Project Cars 3: The multiplayer experience

The majority of the sim racing community has been sceptical about Slightly Mad Studio’s new take on the series. Switching to an arcade racing experience hasn’t exactly gone as smoothly as they would have liked.

However, you have to give the title a shot, and what better way to do so than test it to its limits online. That’s exactly what Super GT has done and we can’t say we are jealous.

In truth, the comments really sum up how wrong SMS have got Project Cars 3:

“This game has one of the worse rain graphics I’ve ever seen. Looks like transparent cloud png floating around at the top.”

“The one Plus side to Project CARS 3 is that I can watch the video in 360p and it looks about the same.”

The graphics seem to look worse every time I look at this game again and again Also, It seems that when racing games don’t have serious graphics and environment, People don’t seem to take the race serious too”

And finally, a quote from Super GT himself: “Half the time your laughing with the game, other time you’re laughing at it.”

Can SMS revive Project Cars 3 or was the game dead on arrival…

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