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iRacing Porsche Supercup: Double for Job in incident packed races

The cream of the Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup continued to rise to the top on Saturday at Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, as Sebastian Job scored another double victory in the sprint and feature races ahead of Apex Racing Team drivers Kevin Ellis Jr. and Yohann Harth.

But the real story may have been heavy aggression among the rest of the field, as multiple incidents for both Joshua Rogers and Alejandro Sanchez put the Red Bull Racing Esports driver in complete control of the championship with just three races remaining.

“Wow, what a result!” said Job. “I really didn’t expect this today, we prepared a lot but in the practice sessions I had my doubts about the pace. Luckily I got a really solid lap in qualifying to get p1 and the 10 points alongside it, knowing that the race pace was also likely a bit better than qualifying pace anyway. For the main race

“I managed to lead the whole race, trying my best to break the slipstream but unfortunately didn’t have quite enough. Luckily there was a crash behind that allowed me to have some breathing room, and get the double win!”

At first, Saturday looked like it might finally be the day for Mitchell deJong, one of last year’s top title contenders, to snap his streak of bad luck thus far in 2020. After qualifying eighth, he’d start first in the sprint race, and hang onto the lead for much of it.

But pressure from Kevin Ellis Jr. eventually opened the door for Job, Maximilian Benecke, and Rogers to get through as well, and contact from behind from Sanchez in the first corner late in the race dropped him well outside of the top 10.

What had looked to be one of the decisive moments of the championship battle may have come nine minutes into the feature, as Rogers pressured Sanchez for third. Going into the final chicane, the cars touched slightly, with Sanchez spinning off track as a result. The Spanish driver would recover and remain in the top 10, but his podium hopes for the feature were finished.

But as Rogers and Benecke, last year’s top two drivers in the series, battled for second in the final third of the race, their aggression got the best of them. After trading the spot multiple times in the previous corners, the drivers made contact in Les Combes, sending both off track and into the wall, and down to seventh and eighth.

Sanchez, seeing an opportunity, tried to get past Tommy Ostgaard for fourth, but suffered another spin as a result. He’d regain fifth across the line after spinning Martin Kronke in the final corner, with Benecke sixth and Rogers seventh pending a review of the race.

Full results from the Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup feature from Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps were as follows:










1122Sebastian Job13132:19.40085
2298Kevin Ellis Jr13-2.84502:19.47067
3690Yohann Harth13-3.36502:19.37757
4758Tommy Østgaard13-4.16202:19.73351
5547Alejandro Sánchez13-9.53402:19.24756
6311Maximilian Benecke13-9.73802:19.35455
7492Joshua K Rogers13-11.21402:19.30154
81149Jamie Fluke13-11.30602:19.64936
9921Graham Carroll13-11.59702:19.70636
101531David Williams13-12.55202:20.24528
1185Martin Krönke13-13.02502:19.63333
121316Mack Bakkum13-13.45702:20.15926
131883Bobby Zalenski13-13.92102:20.19119
14167Jeff Giassi13-14.13402:20.21319
1514110Christopher Dambietz13-14.43702:20.03019
161294Jarrad Filsell13-14.63302:19.83219
171727Patrik Holzmann13-15.17202:20.12513
182524Mitchell deJong13-15.41802:19.8138
191943Brian Lockwood13-16.22302:19.9039
202423Aleksi Uusi-Jaakkola13-18.14902:20.1416
213114Marc Perez13-20.11502:20.3275
222829Carl E Jansson13-24.40202:20.2064
232377Valtteri Alander13-24.72802:20.2923
2429211Thibault Cazaubon13-24.80102:20.1312
252636Joshua W Anderson13-34.56302:20.1901
262742Matti Kaidesoja13-35.36802:20.3140
272010Jack Sedgwick13-44.45002:21.6391
28304Marin S Colak3-10 L00
29102Jeremy Bouteloup3-10 L011
3022107Tuomas Tähtelä2-11 L00
312133Ricardo Castro Ledo2-11 L00
323228Alexander Thiebe0-13 L00
333357Dayne Warren0-13 L00

Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup points through seven rounds are as follows:

  1. Sebastian Job, 445
  2. Joshua Rogers, 400
  3. Alejandro Sanchez, 389
  4. Maximilian Benecke, 340
  5. Kevin Ellis Jr., 256
  6. Dayne Warren, 246
  7. Tommy Ostgaard, 237
  8. Jeff Giassi, 228
  9. Graham Carroll, 175
  10. Mack Bakkum, 163

The Porsche TAG Heuer Esports Supercup season resumes next week at the Nurburgring Nordschleife.


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