Automobilista 2 v1.0.2.7 – What’s new?

Automobilista 2 v1.0.2.7 – What’s new?

Automobilista 2 has received yet another patch shortly after the McLaren MP4/12 was introduced to the sim. 

This update adds the Broadcast Suite for Multiplayer races and complements our release from last week with several other fixes & improvements, wrapping up a productive month of August.

IMPORTANT: Please note that cars with relevant default setup changes (especially differential changes which most cars have had adjusted) requires you to reset your car setup to default in case any modifications were made to the previous default – to reset all setups (autosaved or not) you may opt to delete the contents of DocumentsAutomobilista 2savegame[b]123456789automobilista 2tuningsetups folder (noting the bold number folder will vary from system to system); you do not, however, need to delete your entire user profile folder.

We now move on to the next major update which should arrive late in September – this Monday however you may already get a glance at what is in the works in our Monthly Development Update!


  • Fixed UI issue when creating new Multiplayer game that would prevent selecting a dedicated server when “-selectds” switch is used (allows the first session of a game controlled dedicated server to be created from the client instead of requiring use of the http UI)
  • Added broadcast control / spectator screens for Multiplayer sessions
  • Adjusted Lobby to support broadcast role assignment
  • Updated simulated lap speed logic used in live gap readings & track limit penalty calculations for better consistency
  • Slightly increased tolerance for momentarily exceeding pit speed limit
  • Altered title/subtitle text behaviour and position to prevent overlap with block elements
  • Polished engine sample loops of F-Ultimate. Fixed MRX_P3 engine sound wrong position.
  • Adjusted Puma P052 turbo sound volume
  • Tweaked engine sound parameters for better bottom end / subwoofer utilization
  • Further differential setting adjustments to correctly display available options in setup screen Generally reduced default diff preload values
  • Fixed error in parameters for hump mode in viscous differentials
  • Increased brake cooling when static
  • Reduced heating rate of steel brakes
  • Increased operating window of GT, Prototype & Stock Car series tyres
  • Moved aero balance for Montana, Stock Car 2019 & 2020 slighly further rearwards
  • Adjusted Copa Montana default setup
  • Minor increase of pneumatic trail for radial Tyres (vintages, road)
  • Reduced AI rolling resistance for F-Classic, F-Vintage, F-V10 G1 tyres to better match player´s
  • Minor BOP balancing for P3 class
  • Minor Center of Gravity and aero center of pressure adjustments to F-Retros
  • Corrected V12 engine performance for Vintage & Retro series
  • Added new differential hump values to all viscous rear diffeential variants
  • Generally reduced differential preload values
  • Slightly increased AI throttle application range for low to mid powered cars
  • Bumped AI low range Strength up (to compensate AI becoming too slow below 100% following recent code updates)
  • Reduced AI lateral field speed distance & effect
  • Adjusted rolling resistance for F-Vintage, F-Retro, F-Classic, F-V12, F-V10, F-Reiza, F-UItimate, F-Trainer & Copa Classic to better match player´s straightline performance
  • Brands Hatch: Corrected circuit info
  • Jerez: Minor optimization pass
  • Guapore: Updated trackside ads
  • Spielberg Historic: incremental art pass update; adjusted track cut mesh; start trigger to better align with start line
  • Added tracklights for Spielberg Historics & Silverstone 2001
  • Silverstone: Updated 2020 Intl TV cams
  • Silverstone 2001: Added more accurate ad mapping to cement walls, adjusted track cut limits
  • Silverstone 1991: Revised track cut limits; Fixed some floating big tents; Adjusted service roads material & texture
  • Silverstone 1975: Fixed missing buildings on no-chicane layout
  • Snetterton: Fixed CTD at race end.
  • Oulton Park:fixed pit exit warning bug (track cut); Track cut mesh optimized, add grasscrete runoff, removed apex curbs; Rebuild triggers. Fixed timing bug (Start trigger was not crossing pit lane)
  • Kansai: Fixed start trigger not crossing pit lane
  • Reimplemented BT26, F-V10, F-V12, F-Reiza & F-Ultimate suspension animations (fixed wheels appearing to float)
  • F-Trainer: Fixed RPM LED & bar scaling
  • Adjusted F309 Driver animations
  • F-Reiza: Adjusted Driver animations
  • Adjusted gear shifter animation parameters on F-Retros, M23 and F-Classics
  • Fixed driver head position on the F-Classic G3M2
  • Added exhaust backfires to Stock Car 2020
  • Increased exhaust downshift backfires for SuperV8
  • StockCar Corolla -Added damage & dirt maps + deformable mesh