F1 2020 driver ratings adjusted

F1 2020 driver ratings adjusted

Codemaster’s have implemented some changes to F1 2020’s driver ratings. With six races down, the move comes as the developers take real-world performances into account.

Following his win at the 70th Anniversary Grand Pric at Silverstone, Max Verstappen has had his overall rating bumped up from 90 to 91. He is now the second highest ranked driver in the game, no longer tied with Bottas, after the Dutchamn received bppsts to his pace and awareness stats.

Charles Leclerc has also had his overall rating improved to 87 but still trails teammate Sebastian Vettel on 88 who has been dropped from 89.

Youngsters Norris and Russell have also received a boost to their stats. Norris goes up two to 81 overall while Russell goes up one to 76. Despite the increase in overall, George Russel remains the second worst driver on the grid. An unfair reflection perhaps given the machinery he has to put up with.

After a shakey start to 2020, Alex Albon has also seen his rating drop two points to 77 overall. With a number of collisions in 2020, awareness and pace are sire to have been a factor. The second Williams driver, Nicholas Latifi, has also had his rating drop by two points from 64 to 62 overall. The decrease solidifies his place in amongst, even behind, a number of the F2 drivers in the game.

Although Lewis Hamilton’s overall rating remains at 94, the components that make up that figure have been tweaked majorly. His experience stat has been increased by one, pace is up by two but shockingly, his awareness stat has received a huge blow, down by seven.

Updated driver ratings can be applied to an existing career mode by accessing F1 2020’s in-game mail screen. Alternatively, the stats can be left and a player can continue with the original stats from relaease.

F1 2o20 is available now an consoles and PC from their respective stores.