Raceroom: Motorland Aragon confirmed and released

As we reported last week, Sector 3 have now confirmed that Motorland Aragon is the next track to be added to Raceroom.

Motorland Aragon was added to the store early on Wednesday and is for sale at £4.49. For that, you get five different layouts – Grand Prix, Motorcycle GP, National, Moto National and ‘Fast Circuit’.


The 5.345km circuit was designed by a certain Hermann Tilke and has hosted MotoGP on a regular basis, a selection of junior open-wheel categories and will host FIA WTCR in 2020.

Last  Thursday, we revealed that Aragon would be joining Raceroom’s roster with fans of the sim noticing it had been added to the games store prematurely.

Now it has landed, there will certainly be some Esports action going on with Racerooms affiliation with the FIA WTCR.