Chris Haye: Why I make so many Assetto Corsa videos

Chris Haye is a community leader when it comes to high quality sim racing content and videography. But he often gets some flack for using Assetto Corsa so much.

He explains that in truth, he is just a fan of driving. In his free time, he drives all of the major sims and some of the lesser-acknowledged racing titles.

But when it comes to his videos, it’s Assetto Corsa that often crops up. That’s down to one real reason. The tools that Assetto Corsa offers for a video maker are unrivaled. As Haye explains in his video above, Assetto Corsa is his playgorund of choice as the replay system allows for an analogue controller to be used to control the angles and the freecam to be used as a dolly. Throw in the range of content and graphics enhancement mods, it’s really hard to beat.

“In lots of sims it’s either not possible or not easy to control cameras with an analogue controller. Indeed in some cases its actually locked out in a text file that only the dev team can use… Then of course there are some sims that don’t have free-roaming cameras at all, or they lock your camera within a certain distance to a car or in one starting point. All of these restrictions restrict creativity.”

However, despite it’s positives, Assetto Corsa does have it’s negatives – Zoom controls can’t be mapped to a controller unlike Raceroom, point to Sector 3 there.