Automobilista 2 Hotfix V1.0.2.2 update details

Automobilista 2 Hotfix V1.0.2.2 update details

Just a week after the release of the Automobilista 2 Silverstone DLC, Reiza have unveiled some new fixes and further improvements for the sim.

Among the updates are a couple of new layouts for Silverstone including a no chicane variant of the 1975 layout and national and international layouts for the 2001 Silverstone circuit.

Reiza have also released what they are calling ‘initial updates’ to the UI design to fit in the work in progress Championship mode.


  • Added Silverstone 1975 “No Chicane” layout
  • Added Silverstone 2001 National & International layouts
  • Silverstone 1991: added missing physical tyre barriers, smoothed segments of curb steps vs surrounding terrain to minimise chances of cars launching over it; added missing start light gantry,
  • Silverstone 2001: added start light gantry
  • Silverstone 2020: minor art pass, added missing brake markers
  • Initial updades to Championship UI design
  • Temporarily disabled time acceleration mid-session (may trigger physics issues) until such are resolved
  • Adjusted driver animations for Brabham BT26A
  • Adjusted driver animations for Ultma GTR Race