Rap Video: Truth about Logitech G923 Trueforce Wheel

The multi-talented GamerMuscle delivers a hilarious and hard-hitting Rap-Song accusing Logitech’s new G923 of being BS-marketing and rehashing a product which he claims is no better than the company’s G25 wheel, despite the hype.

This is what he had to say in the intro: “The Logitech 923 Trueforece might end up being a great value for the money wheel once the price drops. But let’s remember that the G25 sold for £160 in 2006 and was arguably better to use than the G27…

“You can get the Thrustmaster T300 for around £300 with the clutch pedal and under £350 with T3PA pedals the T300 also has better FFB than the G series wheels. Wheels like the CSLE Blow the T300 out the water but cost a fair bit more :)”