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Raceroom: We have anti-cheating and accounts are banned regularly


Raceroom: We have anti-cheating and accounts are banned regularly

Over the past couple of months, we have put a great emphasis on cheating in sim racing, exposing the culprits and lifting the lid on the tools used to exploit various titles.

However, media outlets shouldn’t be the ones to tackle the scourge alone which is why we have been approaching developers to discuss their various methods to stop offenders.

In a recent developer’s blog, Raceroom developers Sector 3 Studios have spoken out about the actions they take against cheaters:

“RaceRoom has anti-cheat measures, despite what you may hear from trolls out there. It is an always-online service and therefore if you do cheat, chances are high that you’ll get caught and we will lock your account. Forever. We don’t really joke around with that. If you get caught, then that’s it.

“Yes, we do have advanced anti-cheat measures and yes, accounts are getting banned regularly.

“Since RaceRoom is free to play, It’s usually on free content lobbies and free competitions that you’ll find cheaters before they get detected and banned. People with purchases don’t really tend to cheat at all due to the fear of losing their account for good.

“So yes, it is possible to cheat in any game and no, games having a fancy 3rd party anti-cheat system is not a guarantee of a cheat-free experience. It all depends on the tools available to detect but most importantly to ban and keep the cheaters away, and for that, you can count on RaceRoom.”

There will always be people looking to play the system, that is just a fact when it comes to online competiton. People that are willing to take a shortcut for the oh so tangible glory of winning a Silhouette race at Raceroom Raceway.

But we would like to ask Raceroom, if accounts are being banned, how many are being banned? How often are accounts banned? Is action taken on a case by case basis or do they do it in one foul swoop every few months? And especially when it comes to Raceroom’s growing presence on the Esports scene, what extra measures come into play when prizes are on the line?

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