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Video: One of the best Assetto Corsa mods ever!

Ferrari’s foray into the Esports scene has brought a brand new mod to Assetto Corsa and, as Random Callsign explains, it’s one of the best to hit the sim.

The Ferrari Hublot Esports Series gives simracers an opportunity to prove their mettle in front of Ferrari talent scouts with a position at the FDA up for grabs.

There are two series; professional and amateur.

The Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo is the car of choice for the series. Co-developed by Kunos, the car is only available to those who register for the series. Unfortunately, only a handful of European countries are eligible to sign up and it’s not clear if the mod will be made public after the competition.

Random Callsign explains: “This thing is lika GT3 and a half, if such a thing exists. This is the 488 GT3, It’s almost there but lacks in terms of aero and grip. It has traction control and ABS. It seems to have similar top speed to the GT3 but the aero grip isn’t quite the same.”

It’s clear to see why Ferrari chose this car. It’s something fresh and not as ‘plug-and-play’ as a true GT3 racer. There is some adaptation needed to get behind the wheel and be successful.

“I’m impressed with what they’ve done in terms of handling. You do need to brake far more into some corners, balance it a bit more in some corners too. It’s pretty easy to drive. It’s one of the best mods to come to the game in about a year.”


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