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Is this the best payware mod for Assetto Corsa?

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DRM Modding Team released the latest V1.3 update for their benchmark-setting DRM Revival Mod – a must have payware add-on for Assetto Corsa for any fan of that era of tin-top racing.

Group 5 based cars – late seventies to early eighties were the heyday – delivering well over 500 BHP with the ‘anything-goes’ ethos of the time, as turbo became the rage and the drivers tasked to tame these monsters are some of the sport’s greatest legends.

This Mod is a labour of love, with iconic cars and their legacy establishing liveries coupled to immense physics that provide one of the most immersive experiences in sim racing.

As a die-hard fan of the DRM mod for years, I can personally vouch that it is a bargain at any price to be honest as these are cars I photographed in my heyday as a motorsport photographer in Europe and South Africa at the time.

The only problem I encountered was which car to drive first. I finally settled for the Capri, also a model car I built all those years ago!


The DRM Revival V1.3 AC mod is available for $15 through their Sellfy Store here>>>

Notes from their website:

The DRM-Modding Team was founded in 2007 with 3 members mainly focused in the construction and development of vehicles that drove between the years 1976 -1981 in the racing championship “Deutsche Rennsport Meisterschaft”.

  • ​In 2011 we released the initial version of the DRM-Revival Mod for rFactor.
  • In 2012 we updated the initial Mod to version 2.0 by adding new cars and features.

​”Within the release of Assetto Corsa, the team decided to convert the famous and successful Mod to this brand-new simulation. It quickly became aware that this turn into a rebuild of the mod instead of a simple conversion.

“Since 2015 the team has been consisting of 4 members who are now proudly presenting the DRM-Revival Mod for Assetto Corsa after 3 years intense work and dedication. Have fun and hopefully…”

Paul Velasco

Paul Velasco

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