Video: Project Cars 3 career mode gameplay

Chris Haye has given us all a deeper look at Project Cars 3. More specifically, the games career mode.

Slightly Mad Studios have given Haye a press copy of the game. An early access version that journalists and reviewers may receive pre-release in order to get people talking. It goes without saying that what you see here isn’t the final version of Project Cars 3.

However, it is certainly the framework for the final game due next month.

Project Cars 3 in it looks and feel seems to be very similar to the typical Gran Turismo or arcade title. Lots of early focus in the career mode in production cars before jumping into purpose-built racers.

The action looks chaotic, adding to the arcade vibe. With the 26 jolty AI that comes with the press preview build, it’s still hard to get to grips with the identity of the game. Have SMS really gone for that sim feel or are they breaking away, letting Assetto Corsa and rFactor etc. hold their ground?