Video: Raceroom Group C @ Suzuka

Jimmy Broadbent takes Raceroom’s Porsche 962 C for a spin around Suzuka.

The car’s ruthless nature paired with Raceroom’s amazing audio and force feedback creates an unrivalled experience.

“These are words I’ve used to describe driving older cars before, but it really is a raw, manual experience. When you’re used to racing a spaceship on wheels in the shape of the iRacing R18, it’s shocking to witness how far the technology has come since the Group C days.” says Broadbent in a piece for GT Planet.

He continued: “With the downforce, it tempts and teases you to push it harder, but that squirming quickly becomes far more severe. The rear gets snappie as the front tyres start to laugh at you. You can almost hear it saying “you thought you were safe, didn’t you?” You have to respect it.

“For me, a high-quality car is intuitive. That doesn’t mean it’s easy, but it gives you the opportunity to learn the traits of a car. That is the case here. To master, the 962 is a whole different ball game.

“It’s cars like this that make it easy to see why people fell in love with the racing in the 80s and 90s. The machines of the day had grip, mesmerizing power, but so much character. It makes for a daring yet fun experience. Being able to feel enough to push it to the limits, but also knowing it will bite… hard. The 962 is a beautiful, brutal machine to drive.”

The car has been out on Raceroom for a year now, but if you are yet to drive it, I strongly suggest you give it a shot.

There is a clear reason it’s one of the most popular additions to the simulator. With a completely open setup, it may take some tweaking to get the most out of the car. Thankfully, Sector 3’s forums have you covered.