Next Forza Motorsport title revealed

The rivalry between Gran Turismo and Forza will be renewed on next-generation consoles as confirmed with an announcement trailer for Forza Motorsport.

It appears the upcoming Forza title will only be known as Forza Motorsport, not Forza Motorsport 8. 

As mentioned in the final screen, the title will be “Optimised for Xbox Series X” as well as available on Windows PC’s. There has been no mention of the Xbox One, so it seems that Forza Motorsport will only be one for the next-gen.

That being said, Microsoft have already stated that the Series X will be unlikely to have any exclusive titles for the first year after it’s launch. Going by the fact that the console is set to launch around Q4 of 2020, it looks likely the game will drop around Christmas 2021.

Forza Motorsport will allow 4K gameplay at 60fps as well as ray-tracing of light to enhance reflections and shadows.

The trailer showcases the Apollo Intensa Emozione which will make the jump from Horizon 4 to motorsport. The Apollo is the ‘main event’in the trailer, being flung around Laguna Seca.

Forza Motorsport is still in early development and no release date has yet been cited.