Hockenheim coming to iRacing ‘soon’


In a post on the iRacing community forums, developers have confirmed that the Hockenheimring is making its way to the simulator “soon”.

Chris Leone. iRacing marketing and communications director, said in a forum post this afternoon:

“iRacing is pleased to announce a new deal that will bring the Hockenheimring to the simulator in the coming months. Originally built in 1932 and redesigned for 2002, Hockenheim has played host to dozens of German Grands Prix over the years. Due to the circumstances of the global COVID-19 pandemic and our inability to do many data collection trips for previously planned projects, iRacing has acquired high-quality third-party scan data and photos in order to build this track. This allows us to get working on Hockenheim in the very near future.

The Hockenheimring joins a number of circuits that are currently in full production at iRacing, including Weedsport Raceway, Crandon International Raceway, the streets of Long Beach, Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway, and Coca-Cola Superspeedway. Along with these tracks, iRacing is also working on the design of new rallycross courses.”

We don’t yet have a date for release, but another point that’s up in the air is the price. With iRacing not using their own laser-scanning data, it’s unclear if pricing will differ from previous releases. And if so, which way will it differ?

The Hockenheimring has been home to some fantastic racing over the years welcoming all forms of motorsport. From F1 and it’s junior series to DTM, GT3 and beyond.

And of course, it’s common knowledge that a great race track in real life produces even better racing virtually! A big name track like the Hockenheim is certainly one not to miss.