Video: How to start sim racing as cheap as possible

Sim racers know that our hobby can be an expensive one. With all the great gear, rigs and sims out there, it’s tough to stick to a budget.

This is definitely an issue when it comes to new members of the community. Perhaps the people that need to give sim racing a shot before they get more stuck in.

Chris Haye gives a brilliant rundown on some of the more accessible ways to do just that and some sims you might want to try to get a good taste of the sim experience.

A popular choice when it comes to a wheel and pedal combo has been the Logitech G29 or its closely related Thrustmaster T300. It feels harsh to describe both as ‘Entry-level’ as the force feedback on both is more than ample to get a footing. It only serves as a true testament to the ever-increasing quality and fidelity level in the market.

Haye explains all and more in the video above.