Video: Make Assetto Corsa graphics 10x better

Assetto Corsa is one of those sims that seems to never die. Thanks to its vast modding community, the simulator feels like it has an infinite shelf life.

Modding sites like Race Department aren’t only home to  hundreds of tracks and cars, but miscellaneous mods including graphics mods.

In this video by Sim Racing 604, Mike explains how you can improve your Assetto Corsa graphics using the Horizon graphics mod.

As a disclaimer, the mod will have an impact on overall game performance but those with a powerful PC shouldn’t experience any issues.

The modder, Master, explains whats new in the latest version of the New Horizon Shades mod:

“This new version of New Horizon Shades has improvements in the color balance in relation to the previous version, also has Brightness balance, Improved Global Clarity, Reflections of the Sun on the Asphalt, correction of the white or black screen and many other improvements in the effects. This new version opens the door to the next update that will have a more realistic and immersive PPFilter. Horizon Shades now has the Traditional PPFilter and two new ones, Sky and GTSport (nothing to do with Gran Turismo Sport).”