Sophia Flörsch’s new simrig

FIA F3 driver, Sophia Flörsch has showcased her new Fanatec rig in a video on her YouTube channel.

The rig sees a Fanatec DD2 wheel married to a motion simulator and a huge curved monitor fo maximum immersion.

Sophia says she was inspired to make some significant upgrades to her home simulator after all the eSports running during the Covid break.

Her systems motion is controlled by elektro actuators which help simulate lateral motion meaning you feel every bump and kerb in the road, adding to theimmersion.

For the DD2 direct drive wheel, Sophia has an F1 style wheel rim and a GT3 rim for her favourite series. In terms of stopping power, she has a set of Heusinkveld Ultimate pedals which she claims are the closest replication of a real car when it comes to feel.

Watch the video above for the full rundown of Flörsh’s new rig and the reasons behind her choices.