Sim racing teams collaborate to form ERTA union

PRESS RELEASE: With 12 founding members in total, the Esports Racing Team Association (ERTA) became operational on Wednesday. The objective of the association is to give teams in the Esports racing landscape, that is currently undergoing great change, their own voice and lend them more weight in the collaboration with sim platforms, game developers, race series, car manufacturers and drivers.
  • For more structure and greater public awareness, 12 teams from
    Esports racing are founding members of ERTA.
  • ERTA will communicate joint positions and opinions and be represented among other stakeholders in Esports racing.
  • ERTA is also open to other interested teams.

ERTA will communicate via its own press releases and on its Twitter account @ERTA_official, and in doing so share the jointly reached positions and opinions with the public.

ERTA currently consists of the following teams:

ad hoc gaming
Altus Esports
Biela Racing Team EURONICS
Buttler-Pal Motorsport
CoRe SimRacing
MSI eSports
Race Clutch
Red Bull Racing Esports/G2 Esports
Williams Esports

Teams from around the world are welcome as future ERTA members and can express their interest by sending an e-mail to [email protected]. A majority vote by the existing members is necessary to approve new members. New admissions will be possible on the first of every third month (commencing 1st October 2020).

Quotes from representatives of the founding members of ERTA:

Danny Giusa (ad hoc gaming): “Sim racing is on the rise. Drivers, teams and organisations are setting new standards for relatively new Esports. ERTA is definitely the best approach to give a governing body representing the demands and a voice of sim racing teams involved in different levels and categories. Together we are paving the way for a common language and communication platform that matters, embracing sim racing as professional Esports with longevity and a common goal.”

Simon Feigl (Altus Esports): “As each year goes by, our great Esport has become more and more professional. With that brings a real need for greater structure, and a shared voice from the leading racing teams of the world. ERTA will bring about this structure, and Altus Esports is proud to be one of the founding members and represent the Oceanic region in assisting to shape our Esport.”

Frank Biela (Biela Racing Team EURONICS): “We really appreciate being among the founding members of ERTA as we think that it is essential to create a working group in order to improve our mutual perspectives in the growing business of sim racing. We are looking forward to working with all the people involved in ERTA and can’t wait for all the upcoming projects.”

Timo Brückner (BS+COMPETITION): “We’re still a young Esports racing team but it soon became clear to us that it benefits everyone if the teams agree among themselves, discuss positions and formulate joint opinions. The teams and the drivers are investing a great deal of time and effort in driving Esports racing forward. It’s much easier to promote understanding together than alone.”

René Buttler (Buttler-Pal Motorsport): “We are proud to have been invited to be a founding member of the ERTA. Sim racing, which is both part of the motorsport world and Esports, needs a common mouthpiece for the teams and organisations taking part in the competitions advertised, particularly as this is a meeting point for sport and business, and both interests must be protected for all parties. Although our label ‘Buttler-Pal Motorsport’ is still relatively new on the Esports scene, we do have over 12 years of experience in sim racing and business, and hope that this will allow us to contribute to this community. We all have the same goal: to see sim racing grow, and to be involved in that growth. That is what makes the ERTA so attractive to us.”

Marius Golombeck (CoRe SimRacing): “In the rapidly changing landscape of Esports and sim racing communication remains key. ERTA allows for a louder voice in intra-team communication and provides the structure for a unified presence among teams. We are glad to be onboard as a founding member of ERTA.”

Pepo de las Heras (MSI eSports): “We at MSI eSports are very happy to be part of ERTA. This association will help sim racing to grow to reach the target of being a professional Esport.”

Richard Arnaud (Race Clutch): “It is a pleasure for Race Clutch to be in the founding members of ERTA. This initiative comes right on time with the development of Esport racing. Teams are a big part of the storytelling we can create in competitions and generate engagement on a fanbase. The goal is to be able to further open up the discussion between all stakeholders in simracing and Esports racing to improve the championships and visibility of the scene. The founding members are full of experience in simracing and other businesses. I am sure that the mix of profile will help into the development of the scene in a more professional way.”

Nils Naujoks (Red Bull Racing Esports/G2 Esports): “With sim racing becoming ever more professional in many regards we find the structural framework in the background is lacking behind the more recent developments. By aligning on positions across teams, I am sure ERTA can play in important role in advancing sim racing and making it a more regulated esport.”

Christoph Weitz ( “It’s great for SimRC to be a founding member of the Esports Racing Team Association –ERTA  for short. We see the chance to operate in a more professional way with other professional teams on the subject of our hobby and business. In the past sim racing has grown to a big community which follows its passion for motorsports. With the ERTA organisation we want to be a voice of many and work together with the developers of iRacing to improve things and the competition on behalf of the teams for the future.”

Steven English (Williams Esports): “It’s important for Williams to be part of ERTA, and for any team with the aspiration to grow sim racing into a truly professional sport. It’s only by working together towards a common goal that we can drive the growth in racing sims to sit alongside all the top titles in the Esports landscape.”

For any questions regarding the Esports Racing Team Association, please send us an email to: [email protected].