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Video: How to get out of iRacing rookies

iRacing Rookie class is a living hell all iRacers must endure to progress up the ladder. But what’s the best way to escape?

Empty Box explains that it’s more of an “idiot test, not a skill test”. iRacing uses the rookie class to not gauge how fast you are, but more how safe you are. The key here is to progress through the races, making it out in one piece.

To escape the rookie class, you only need to be safe. To be safe, don’t put yourself in a situation where you could damage the car, make contact with other drivers and keep it on the asphalt!

If you can’t keep it on the track consistently, go away and put some time into practice. Learn the tracks, learn the car and its mechanics. Another suggestion from Empty Box is to mute the radio and shut up and drive.

The black box is also a key tool at all stages of iRacing. Use it to keep an eye on the gap to the cars around you and maybe spot an incident ahead of your arrival.



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