Well done Boxthislap with iRacing cheat report, but get a reality check

Our colleagues at Boxthislap have taken action against this website for what they allege is “stealing” their content, which suggests they are naive and not media savvy at all or very stupid – I am guessing the former…

In our follow-up report on THEIR revelations about the curse of cheating in sim racing we credit the source, we link to them, we praise them – we do all the due diligence and crediting that any normal news website does; from CNN through to BBC through to simRACE247.

Never once did we claim this to be our work, but rather bent over backwards to ensure the authors got the credit they deserve as we always do throughout our network of websites and social media.

Boxthislap is naive to think that their scoop cannot be reported by other websites. This is the way of the modern media today, nothing is exclusive for long as everyone – reputable media organisations included practice newsgathering in this manner.

It is the industry norm one can say, and Boxthislap must snap into that reality.

We have been in the media industry for over three decades. Our site grandprix247.com has for most of the past decade and is a respected website not been afraid to kick the hornet’s nest and we won’t stop. In the same vein of news gathering, we launched simRACE247.com and will grow it accordingly.

Nevertheless, point of this piece: we maintain the right to keep the post up as we tick all the boxes in terms of credit and sourcing that makes a mockery of the complaint.

However, in good faith all future visitors to the URL of our post will automatically be redirected to the original post byBoxthislap. This gesture of goodwill is to acknowledge their good work and we are open to co-operating in our ‘Cheating Exposed’ campaign with them for the sake of the simming community.

This is not a victory for Boxthislap but a generous truce from our side as we are here to stay and want a united sim media network rather than one split by pettiness. We are here to stay for the very long term.

Should this be perceived as triumph by Boxthislap, the ‘offensive’ post will be made live again as removing it goes against our principles as we have acted properly in crediting and linking to the source.

We wrote in the original post which is now archived offline for further use if need be:

“We applaud Boxthislap for ‘discovering’ this cancer in sim racing which we simply cannot tolerate. Ours is a new site and, in the wake of this piece, we will begin our own systematic investigations about cheating in our esport and highlighting this on this website.”

We stand by this and even sent them a donation for their efforts. May this serve as a reality check for media n00bs and say welcome to the real world.

Not sure what more we can do for this Gonzalo (real name?) guy! Meanwhile, we have taken our own investigations further and discovering a murky world of cheats and crooks: