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The bizarre story of Jason Jacoby vs Austin Ogonoski

A long-running very-public feud between peculiar sim racer Jason Jacoby and virtual racing maverick Austin Ogonoski has resurfaced as the story takes an even more bizarre turn with the arrest of the former.

Ogonoski – once the editor/writer of the once essential reading Pretend Race Cars (PRC) website – has been at Jacoby from day one on which the wannabe NASCAR driver showed-off his $25,000 NASCAR shell bought for his sim rig, in his bedroom!

Over the years, the saga between the two gets personal and is a riveting watch in a Netflix-crime-series kind of manner.

Some years ago, Ogonoski, a very capable sim racer, divided the simming community when he launched the parody-packed PRC website; it relentlessly took the mickey of the industry and got much respect for exposing flaws in virtual racing.

The writer often going straight to the jugular with his raw observations and cavalier abandon that attracted a big following of Ogonoski fans as well as haters which all made for a lively uncensored comments section.

But in the end, Austin was hired by Ian Bell of Slightly Mad Studios and Project Cars, a target of Ogonoski’s cutting criticisms, and the piquant PRC website disappeared.

The former sim racer and sim-commentator went oval racing and into relative oblivion, PRC was no more and he now works for the folks he once blasted mercilessly and doing things he could not otherwise do from a non-profit soapbox which PRC was.

After stifling the maverick journo in him, Ogonoski has nevertheless continued his crusade to expose Jacoby who, might have started the goofy ‘NASCAR-in-my-House’ project with good intentions, but subsequently did himself no favours with his crazy actions, YouTube rants and now his arrest.

Under the title “Jason Jacoby vs. Austin Ogonoski Supercut” the latter has released a video on  YouTube about the saga with this intro:

Former iRacing streamer Jason Jacoby was taken into custody on the evening of July 13th, 2020, following an investigation by the Athens-Clarke County Police Department.

Jacoby is currently facing charges of battery and family violence and has been known to local police for several years for his often eccentric and erratic behaviour. His arrest was confirmed by the Hall County, GA inmate roster on Monday night and was promptly spread on social media.

The arrest and charges are not surprising to anyone in the sim racing community, as Jacoby’s carefully crafted online persona was seen as too awkward and forced to be authentic during his live-streams, and rumours quickly circulated regarding his reputation as an all-around dangerous, unstable individual.

These rumours were eventually confirmed by former friends, his ex-girlfriend, and his former group of chat room moderators.

Prior to his arrest, Jacoby uploaded over 100 videos on a newly formed YouTube channel in which he talks aimlessly into a smartphone camera, often not making any sense whatsoever.

As a former blogger who had been calling Jacoby on his shit since the very first day he attempted to become a streaming personality, Jacoby developed an immense hatred for me and uploaded no less than eight videos attempting to “call me out” for “slandering” him, and giving his favourite video game a bad review. I have compiled all of them into a supercut.

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Paul Velasco