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Codemasters looking into F1 2020 cheating spate

Codemasters looking into F1 2020 cheating spate

The recent launch of F1 2020 has proven that every title is vulnerable to users looking to play the system with developers Codemasters now looking into a fresh cheating spate.

F1 2020 officially launched on Friday but, by Saturday, Sim Race 247 had learned of two specific cheat engines being in mass-circulation online.

Both cheats seem to be angled towards the latest addition to the series – My Team. Players create their own team who become the eleventh team on the F1 grid and work their way up the pecking order by upgrading their HQ, drivers and working on R&D.

The exploits allow users to edit team money, acclaim and R&D points as well as perk boosts and multipliers.

It doesn’t stop there though as while racing, engine power, component wear, grip levels and temperatures can all be modified while the ERS system can be made unlimited. One of the two cheats

The two cheats have been downloaded by over 2,000 users combined.

Codemasters have been made aware of the tools to which they have said any information on the cheats has been “passed on to the producer of the game and our dev team.

Other racing titles and simulators have experienced a barrage of cheating reports, namely iRacing. In iRacing’s case, such events have greatly impacted the online and eSports scenes.

It remains unclear whether this is the same on F1 2020. Codemasters will already have had protections in place for their online services but will surely work on strengthening these if a “breach” has been made.

14 thoughts on “Codemasters looking into F1 2020 cheating spate”

  1. I think it’s been used online too. Some time trial times are out of reality, also during last week’s gp event the top scorer had a quali time something like 8 secs faster than most of the rest..

  2. So, basically there have been cheaters on multiplayer since at least 2016 (the same guy is top of all leaderboards in TT with several seconds of gap with eSport drivers every year), but now they are suddenly concerned about cheats in My Team (scared of losing on potential Podium Pass purchases?).

  3. Thing is, if I’m playing single player, where nobody else is involved, it should be my choice as there’s nothing at stake. (Firstly, I’m not playing for prize money, nor am I playing in a league with others. Since the only one impacted is myself, I don’t see the issue. Secondly, this in no way means that I condone online cheating)

  4. I’m going to say it. If you have to cheat to be competitive, you are an insecure sad little wannabe man with a tiny penis to match.

  5. Basically Someone With a Brain

    Online cheating and single player cheating has nothing in common. Single player is a sandbox world that must be controlled by the player itself. However, when you’re playing online you’re a part of a system that involves competition and money. It has effects on the real word…. (couldn’t finish)

  6. Basically Someone With a Brain

    I don’t see any problem “CHEATING” in single player. In fact, a lot of single player games used to have cheat codes and it has never effected our experience.

  7. Isn’t “My Team” a singleplayer campaign in F1 2020? If so, who cares if people want to cheat at it? As long as they are not cheating in online multiplayer, let them have their fun.

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