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Cheating Exposed: PowerQ finds Assetto Corsa Competizione vulnerable

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In this April released video, PowerQ exposes a cheater in action during an Assetto Corsa race at Nurburgring with no attempt to disguise his everything-boosting hack.

While this loophole might be patched, make no mistake that pro-cheaters who make a living doing this are always one step ahead and developers appear to be on the back foot… and not only ACC.

The video reveals yet another strange issue we have found in our “Cheating Exposed” quest that we have been led into by readers, and taken on the responsibility to highlight this virtual racing pandemic which we cannot ignore.

The danger is not the extreme-cheaters as exposed in this video, but rather the ones who use it as a professional advantage on sim racing platforms. The sneaky guys that make it into the top splits because they can ‘Notepad’ a couple of settings that give them a subtle but devious advantage.

With prize money flowing, real-life manufactures, drivers and teams getting involved the stage is set for a boom in hacks and cheats – don’t be surprised if some big names will fall victims of the temptation to cheat for glory, as sim racing becomes far more than a computer game.

Daniel Abt and his co-conspirators were really very stupid, but if a driver of that stature is willing to stoop so low to do well in a virtual race. Imagine how many (pro and amateur) will have no problem using the tool to bolster their online performances?

We thank readers for the input and links, please keep the flow of info coming as this is clearly becoming a community driver crusade which we have inadvertently found ourselves reviving.


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Paul Velasco

Paul Velasco