Boosted Media: Ten Essential Tips for iRacing Beginners

With lockdown triggering a boom in gaming, particularly sim racing which was once a niche esport going mainstream and with it, many new drivers entering the virtual world are confounded by the myriad of choices.

Sim racing ‘career’ wise, if you are going to turn pro or take summing seriously, even as a hobby/sport, and want strong community-based virtual racing as well as a controlled environment, the logical route is iRacing. While many decry the physics, the platform is believable and has attracted just about every real-world driver that has plunged into sim racing.

Furthermore, it is very much a sink-or-swim (almost too real!) environment, where their excellent member’s forum is a trove of great tips and information, but like in real racing where around 90% of drivers are egocentric assholes, same applies to many virtual racers who are equally toxic.

Navigate through that cesspool of collective self-righteousness, avoid shenanigans, keep it clean and iRacing ticks most boxes. As real as it gets!

Will, from Boosted Media, provides this video to help n00bs (as well as existing iRacers) and says in the intro: “iRacing is without a doubt one of the most popular sim racing titles in existence, and with the transition from real-life motorsport to sim racing, the last month or so has seen a huge surge in new racers checking out the platform.”

In this video, Will runs us through his top ten tips for anyone new to iRacing, which should help you settle in to the platform, find your true pace and become a good sim driver.