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Assetto Corsa is the undisputed king of passion

As sim racing booms RFactor 2 and iRacing have hogged the pro-simming and advanced amateur online events, rightfully so as they are the best sims on the market, one for sensational peerless physics and the other for the unrivalled pro-racing community which has mushroomed in recent months

However, Assetto Corsa continues to be a standout title despite its age, modders have embraced it as the most accessible and do-able modding platform and as a result some sensational cars and tracks (of every era) are being meticulously made for AC or converted from RFactor platforms.

As a result with Sol, the game looks better than ever while Content Manager is the most useful interface in sim racing, providing a never-ending world of combos to sample.

Thus as Formula 1 moves away from Red Bull Ring (A DLC track on AC) which is worth the buy and respected sim-vlogger Danny Lee explains why:

“In this year of 2020 the F1 Championship spent two weekends at the Red Bull Ring, a track that so happens to be in the original Assetto Corsa roster alongside a fairly recent Ferrari F1. It’s been years since I last drove AC and after picking up some fresh DLC I dusted it off.

“What I didn’t expect was to be SO BLOWN AWAY by how much passion and love has obviously gone into the SF70H and others in the AC garage.

“Here’s one lap of the Red Bull Ring that shows why Assetto Corsa is arguably the best sim for capturing that electrifying audio/visual experience that drew us all to motorsport in the first place.

“Whilst iRacing is my sim of choice for on-track action, there is no doubt that Assetto Corsa is the undisputed king of passion and flair in my books. No sim racer should pass it by.”

2 thoughts on “Assetto Corsa is the undisputed king of passion”

  1. Ross-Alexander Smith

    Yeah, if tyre modeling could be improved a little bit without having to meticulously update each luts file per car, it could beat them all out

  2. The best quality sim ever Assetto Corsa only need some work when it comes to wet weather tyres and such

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Paul Velasco

Paul Velasco