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Driver61: How to get faster with iRacing pro-setups?

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Scott Mansell Driver61 is one of the most sensible and knowledgeable iRacing gurus out there, he hits the nail on the head when he tackles that very grey area that is the world of sim racing setups.

We all know that setups are vital for the most popular organised racing sim community. A fellow simmer predicts a multi-million dollar Sim-Setup-Selling industry.

And why not? Virtual increasingly mimicking real life, thus no longer do you just hop in a sim and drive. You will soon be blown away if you don’t delve into the setups for whatever sim you are driving.

For some reason, the default setups tend to be useless, even off-putting, in most sims, developers do their games no favours shipping them to the public with decidedly bad options for drivers to use.

And when you do open that door of discovery into setups, the variations are confounding and numerous for a layman to absorb. If you are not a technical guy then you will be clicking things that you believe will make a difference but often don’t until the Placebo Effect often kicks in…

Thus, no surpirse there are some very good ‘race-engineers’ out there selling their wares; virtual race engineers for the virtual race drivers providing setups to a fast-growing clientele, at a price of course.

So before you start buying setups, Scott provides useful guidance in this video and says in the intro: “Getting your sim racing setup right is a challenge. We take a look at how sim racers should start to think about their driving to begin to develop their car’s setup.”


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Paul Velasco