iRacing: Find a second with simple legal brakes hack

The curse of iRacing is the inability to modulate brakes with the lower end controllers (Logitech and cheaper Fanatec kit), for many brakes on iRacing are like an on and off switch – the pain may well be over!

Brake pressure adjustments for controllers seemingly non-existent in the most popular organised virtual racing community. Both Assetto Corsa and rFactor 2 provide brake pressure adjustments.

This allows drivers to mimic the percentage of input required through the brake pedal and modulate how the pressure is delivered, allowing for more effective and realistic trail braking.

Aliensimracer explains how there is a workaround if you fiddle around with some files as explained in this video, which for now appears to be a perfectly legal tip that most sim racers will appreciate.

He writes in the intro: “Are you struggling with braking? Always locking up your wheels? Can’t trail brake? Then WATCH THIS! …Ok it’s not literally a hack but you do have to change some figures in a notepad file, so it’s kinda cool? Improve lap time by one second per lap GUARANTEED.”