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F1 2020: Features trailer ahead of 10 July release

Ahead of the July 10 release, Codemasters are hyping up the next edition of the official 2020 F1 game, releasing the above features trailer and providing more information about the much-anticipated title, whose release happens to be bang in the middle of the season-opening double-header weekend in Austria.

This is what fans can expect from their favourite virtual F1 title:

  • Deeper F2 Integration: Choose from a full season, half season, or three-race F2 experience, before getting started on your 10-season driver career. We’re also adding the 2020 F2 season as a free update later in the year.
  • Shorter Season Options: F1 2020 is all about giving you more ways to play. One is shorter season options. Choose between the original and full 22 race season (including Hanoi Circuit and Circuit Zandvoort), or shorter 10 or 16 options. Now you can focus on the tracks you really enjoy.
  • Rear-view mirror: Not only have we given you more options to play F1® 2020, we’ve also been listening to your feedback from previous games. This year, we’re introducing a rear-view mirror to help you race wheel-to-wheel against your opponents.
  • Customisable OSD: Want to move your circuit map somewhere else? Change where your rear-view mirror sits? Move everything to wherever you’d like on screen!
  • Simplified ERS: Based on feedback from F1 drivers, we’ve simplified the ERS to make it more realistic. All you need to do to activate it is press a button!
  • Podium Pass: New to F1 2020, the Podium Pass allows to you Race, Earn and Unlock. Each season you’ll be able to unlock free customisation items by racing in your favourite game modes and earning XP. Custom cosmetic items include car liveries, race equipment such as gloves, overalls and helmets, and podium emotes.
  • Want even more customisation? You’ll be able to purchase the VIP upgrade to gain access to higher-level rewards and additional in-game challenges.
  • Pre-ordered F1 2020? You’ll receive enough credit to unlock Season One VIP, and each season will contain enough currency to purchase the following VIP Podium Pass.
  • Be the 11th team in F1 2020 – out 10th July 2020.

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