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rFactor 2: The BEST GTE Cars in Sim Racing?

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rFactor 2 physics are considered by many serious sim racers as the benchmark in virtual car racing physics, however the title has done itself no favours with a sluggish development programme over nearly a decade.

A new interface has done little to enamour the sim to the masses and thus remained very niche until COVID-19 turned sim racing into a proper eSport with everyone wanting a slice of the action.

The hugely successful The Race have created their own ‘eco-system’ of simming, where many of the greatest drivers of our era are now doing battle online in pixelated cars.

That rFactor 2 is the choice sim for The Race, and – perhaps more significantly – was chosen over iRacing as the platform for the historic and ground-breaking Virtual Le Mans 24 Hours.

This will no doubt spur interest in the ‘always-in-beta’ title and fittingly Studio-397 have made the Endurance Pack available at 50% discount, for such depth in cars the bundle is well worth the purchase even if it is only to replicate the 2020 Virtual Le Mans field.

Ermin has a look at the cars in this pack and asks in the intro: “The long-awaited GTE balance-of-performance (BoP) update has finally arrived in rFactor 2. We test all the GTE cars in the game – and ask if it is the improvement we’ve been waiting for?”

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Paul Velasco

Paul Velasco