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Mercedes-Benz Virtual GP: Rookie Sirotek making his mark

One of the most successful rookies of the season is Martin Sirotek. The ESET driver has shown incredible consistency and he quietly adds more and more points to him championship tally every race.

After the first half of the Mercedes-Benz Virtual GP 2020 season, he is currently 7th in the standings with 66 points. Now, he is preparing for single-seaters, where, as he admits, he is not as confident.

Martin, the first 6 races are over, how would you rate the first half of the season?
Martin Sirotek (currently 7th in the championship standings): “I would start with Mercedes-Benz Virtual GP as a whole – I’m very excited, it is a great and professional organisation, and it is very competitive. Also, I can see the organisers and also our sponsors actively working on everything, which is going to help sim racing to move to another level within the esports, closer to a casual audience and real racing. I’m enjoying the season so far and of course, I hope in even better results.“

How are you enjoying the season as a driver?
Martin: “Several of the most experienced iRacing drivers have joined the league this season, which is great and another motivation for me. The racing has a very high level of competitiveness.“

You might not be the most visible driver, but you are very consistent. Does the GT3 car suit you that well?
Martin: “I’ve always felt good in a Mercedes-AMG GT3 car. However, since the beginning, I’ve been struggling with bad starts. Also, in the past I’ve raced the Mercedes-AMG GT3 a couple of times, but in endurance races, especially at Nürburgring, so another challenge for me was to get used to the sprint racing. The overall results could definitely be better, but I’ve had a perfect time racing this Mercedes car.”

Are you looking forward to the single-seaters?
Martin: “I’ll be racing with single-seaters for the first times in 10 years, since I was racing in the Česká F1 Liga series. These races are going to be tough, the car is fast and very sensitive. I’m definitely looking forward to it, despite I’m not so confident in single-seaters. But it’s a challenge that I welcome.“


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