Automobilista 2: Update is here

Another housekeeping update with Automobilista 2 now hitting v0.9.7.0, ticking off some more remaining must-haves for official release and rectifying a couple of errors from v0.9.6.1 released earlier in the week.

There are a couple of WIP developments in this build to take note of – while several cars now have working wipers, several others still don´t and the wiper animations does not yet quite match the water being wiped from the windscreen. This is just a result of the work here not being quite finished as of v0.9.7.0, all cars will feature fully functioning wipers in time for v1.0 release.

Another unfinished development is the placing of actual sponsors for the trackside advertising – only the ones in the Brazilian Stock Car calendar have received these updates so far, with all other tracks still to be updated with proper trackside ads for V1.0 release.



  • Added custom pit speed limits per series regulations; baseline is 60km/h for national & club series, 100km/h for modern Formulas, 250 km/h for Historical content
  • Corrected series / class grouping and grouping within series so different models are sorted in the grid (when series feature cars of different classes) or randomized (when they are of the same class)
  • Disabled visual ghost effect in pit lane and pit exit


  • Fixed vehicle info for F-Classic G3M1, G3M3, MRX


  • Revised adhesive friction curve with velocity for all tyres
  • Reduced wheel contact factor (reduces chances of “exploding” collisions with wheel-to-wheel contact)
  • Fixed minor tread width innacuracies in F-Classic, F-Trainer tyres
  • Further areo revisions to MRX, F-3, F-V12, Ultima GTR (Road)
  • Further car-specific FFB fine tuning (max force, smoothing, scrub radius)
  • Further engine inertia revisions


  • Reduced AI front buffer distances (AI is slightly less tentative when a pack of cars is ahead)
  • Reduced AI lifting off the throttle over puddles
  • Reduced wall check function (AI is less tentative when driving close to walls)
  • Reduced ranges for AI drivers inconsistency & performance loss from stamina over longer races
  • Adjust AI steer smoothing to improve pitlane mobility
  • Adjusted AI Grip multipliers for Velopark, Adelaide, Azure, Montreal, Londrina


  • Fixed AI engine sound position being on wrong side for seevral all cars.
  • Added dedicated sound effect for grasscrete material
  • Fixed odd ducking of sounds over curbs, lessened crackling on tyre sound effects
  • Improved sound in stereo mode
  • Replay onboard engine audio properly positioned.
  • Starting sound correctly positioned


  • Added Stock Car series trackside advertising for tracks in the 2019/2020 calendar


  • Added wiper animations for Ultima GTR, Stock Car V8, Super V8, Sprint Race, Caterham Academy, Lancer Cup (WIP)
  • Fixed driver animation for F-Trainer
  • F-Reiza: Fixed bug restricting field to a single livery