Video: Sony launch Playstation 5

Sony is presenting their Playstation 5 today with the live stream set for 20:00 UTC, whereupon they will be revealing the new features of the PS5 as well as the games that will be available upon release.

Big question for the sim racing community is whether PS5, to be released before this Christmas, will be immediately available with Gran Turismo and, for general interest, what other titles will be available on release day.

GT Planet report: “The GT series is the best-selling title in the PlayStation Studios line-up, with more than 80 million copies across its life. For PS5 to launch with such an important title would be a major boost for the new platform, and the omens are lining up in the syzygy required to make it happen.”

Nevertheless what Sony does at this level impacts the entire gaming industry and the release of the next-gen of their consoles is another important landmark on the gaming landscape.