GT Sport: What’s new for Build 1.60

Gran Turismo fans rejoice! Polyphony Digital have released update notes for the upcoming Build 1.60. Here’s what the folks at Polyphony have been working on for GT Sport lately:


Sport Mode & Lobby:

  • The level of deflection between cars making contact in a race has been reduced. The deflection amount between cars in Lobby races remains unchanged.

Other Improvements and Adjustments:

  • We addressed an issue in the Livery Editor with the Mazda RX-Vision GT3 Concept where the race number on the bonnet appeared distorted.
  • We repaired an issue with the Mazda RX-Vision GT3 Concept where the engine sound changed when applying the car settings or Balance of Performance (BOP) in Regulation Settings on an oval track.
  • Various other issues have also been addressed.

The GT Sport title has been a labour of love ever since its release back in October 2017. The title saw the Gran Turismo series breakaway from it’s singleplayer focus to a more eSports ready title.

With regular content updates and maintenance fixes, GT Sport has managed to earn itself a foothold in the sim racing eSports market with it’s global tour. A platform they no doubt seek to expand on once life returns to normal.