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Formula E Grand Final: Siggy wins the test drive

Lucas Mueller battled hard but it was Kevin Siggy in a class of his own in the Grand Final of the ABB Formula E Race at Home Challenge in support of UNICEF, winning the race in commanding style to secure the real-world Formula E test drive.

With the starting order already decided from the points scored over the last seven rounds, it was Kevin Siggy starting in pole position for the Grand Final with Challenge Grid rival Lucas Mueller lining up alongside him after securing it with a victory in the penultimate round. Behind the lead pair was a wealth of top sim racing talent in Peyo Peev, Petar Brljak, Joshua Rogers and Jan von der Heyde.

It’s been the story of the season with pole position equalling a holeshot in the Challenge Grid race, as Siggy maintained his lead in the run down to Turn 1. However, in a late lunge into the first turn, Mueller challenged Siggy immediately to stop the Slovenian sim racing ace from pulling away.

With Mueller aggressively attacking Siggy at every passing opportunity, the young German was all over him in the opening laps and disrupting the rhythm of his Challenge Grid rival.

Mueller’s attempts would come to nought, after all the nudges of the opening two laps, Siggy started to make a break-away and open up some breathing space from Mueller.

With the lead duo pulling away, this left Brljak and Rogers running line astern in third and fourth, fighting for the final spot on the podium.

Now with a clear track and and the lead opening up, Siggy started to stretch out a gap of 1.2 seconds on second place.

Punching his fist in the air on crossing the line, it was Siggy who was victorious in the Grand Final of the ABB Formula E Race at Home Challenge, securing a real-world test drive of the Formula E Gen2 car and a place in the BMW SIM M2 CS Racing Cup Finals.

Despite his early efforts, Mueller was unable to stick with Siggy and finished a commendable second, cementing his quick rise in the sim racing world. Brljak rounded out the podium in third.

“It is real isn’t it! I just can’t believe it – I don’t have any words for it. I’m just so proud,” said Siggy on his momentous victory in the Race at Home Challenge.

“I managed to hold it together into turn one and Lucas (Mueller) was giving me a really hard time. I am so pleased to hold on and I can’t wait to drive the real car. I’m really happy I can go for the BMW Championship, too, but this one was the most important one for me.”


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