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Video: Sim Racing versus real life

Sim racing has become all the rage during lockdown, and drivers worldwide have adjusted their perceptions from real circuits to the virtual versions. But just how similar are the two? One thing is for sure – the weather is always better, the track smoother and breakdowns far less frequent online.

But can a series of cleverly arranged pixels truly live up to the real deal? After watching this onboard comparison, we’re starting to think so…

Join YouTuber SimRacingLover for a split screen lap around Circuit of The Americas in the Ford GT GTE. The top half of his screen in the virtual version, while the bottom is an actual onboard lap, with the audio from each routed through different sides of your speakers/headphones.

Watch as the two cars make their way around the 3.426-mile circuit, hitting all of the key features at exactly the same time. Aside from a few items of trackside furniture, the landscape is identical, the track angles perfectly matched…

Which would you rather try, a virtual lap or the real thing?

Here at Sim Race 247, we are almost obliged to say that sim racing would be enough to keep us happy, but still, none of us would turn down the opportunity. For comparison’s sake of course.

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